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The Electoral Count Act and how it could stop election stealers - Vox
Submitted by rd

Parents furious after Washington school board appoints activist who called cops 'pigs': 'Enough is enough' ~ Fox News
Submitted by Arcadia

The White history of calling things racist, communist or Marxist

Stacey Abrams Challenges the Pro-Democracy Left - The Dispatch

The Debate Over Service Work and Unemployment Benefits Shows Why Marxism Is Right
Submitted by Myotherusernameisthedictatorshipoftheproletariat

Page Not Found
Submitted by TheBear

Biden to sign $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package into law Thursday - CNNPolitics

Rep. Jay Obernolte: If Biden's $15 minimum wage happens, for 1.4 million Americans the real wage will be $0 ~ Fox News

Opinion ~ Quit saying acarbon tax.a Itas a fee and dividend.

Don't be fooled - Marijuana legalization is not about advancing social justice ~ Fox News

Analysis ~ Vaccine skepticism and disregard for containment efforts go hand-in-hand

Rep. Jay Obernolte: If Biden's $15 minimum wage happens, for 1.4 million Americans the real wage will be $0 ~ Fox News

Opinion ~ What Are Republicans So Afraid Of?
Submitted by Myotherusernameisthedictatorshipoftheproletariat

Opinion ~ San Francisco Schools, Radicalism and the Pandemic

Opinion ~ There Is a Generational Divide Among Republicans

Biden Putting Migrant Kids In aFacilities Akin To Jails,a Separating Them From Parents aFor Weeksa: Reports ~ The Daily Wire
Submitted by 382491

Climate change is disrupting life for millions, a report finds - CNN
Submitted by 678323

Arkansas gov responds to Biden 'Neanderthal thinking' comment: 'Common sense' over 'mandates' ~ Fox News

Public hearing looms for school with abysmal pandemic GPA

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