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Bio: Hi there, I am 19 at Clemson University majoring in Language and International Trade. I am interested in starting to trade and learn more about myself and others!

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  • 3/7/2021
    TRADED: 'Let the people vote': Biden signs executive order to expand voting access
    READ: Page Not Found
  • 2/28/2021
    TRADED: $15 minimum wage is a matter of COVID survival for tipped workers
    READ: Biden's $1.9T coronavirus relief bill is 'Trojan horse,' will use as 'slush fund' to buy votes: Rep. Nunes ~ Fox News
  • 3/10/2021
    TRADED: Climate change is disrupting life for millions, a report finds - CNN
    READ: Arkansas gov responds to Biden 'Neanderthal thinking' comment: 'Common sense' over 'mandates' ~ Fox News
  • 3/10/2021
    TRADED: America now knows that nursing homes are broken. Does anyone care enough to fix them?
    READ: Biden's relief bill isn't getting bipartisan support like previous stimulus bills. What do Republicans dislike so much?