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Digest entry: 03/26/2020 @ 05:31 PM

Bored? Love nature? Join the QuaranClean team! (Clara Benadon)

Right now, much of our community finds themselves bored and lonely at home.  The Bowdoin Naturalists are hoping to rally our collective restless energy into a productive effort that’s good for ourselves and our planet. 🌎

We’re launching the QuaranClean project!  Pick a road near you, and with the help of gloves and a trash bag, collect all the litter you come across.  Then, send us a picture of yourself with the trash you collected.  Our emails are and, and our Instagram is @bowdoinnaturalists.  We encourage y’all to share this project with friends who would be interested!  If you want to join our team, please let us know through this form 😊

We understand that a lot of people won’t be able to participate.  Many of us live in cities where it’s unsafe to be outside for that long, or are focused on more pressing issues.  We understand and we’re here for you - please reach out if we can be of any support!  We encourage everyone to participate to whatever extent they can, even if it’s just by sharing this message with fellow nature-lovers or sitting outside for a couple of minutes.

This situation is trash, but our planet doesn’t have to be! ❤️