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Hello Bowdoin community! I'm raising money for a good cause and could really use your help! Please see below for details: (Allen Daniels)


My name is Allen Daniels and I have been a Security Officer here at Bowdoin for almost ten years now. I’m the officer that you always see on a bike, in the rain, in a blizzard, during arctic temps, and scorching heat. I am always on the bike, LOL!



I will be doing a 184-mile bike ride somewhere in the state of Maine on 9/11. The start and end points are still being decided and will ultimately depend on how many riders will join me, though for now I anticipate starting around midnight on the peak of Cadillac Mountain and finishing on campus. It will most definitely be a daylong event, spanning a bit over 184 miles!



In memory of the 184 victims who perished in the 9/11 attack at the Pentagon, I am riding as many miles.

I have been especially dreading this year’s anniversary of 9/11 since shortly after returning to D.C. for last year’s memorial services at the Pentagon.

 In 2001, I was stationed at Fort Myer with 12 days left in my Army career. Fort Myer is just outside Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. Charlie Company, The Old Guard, my unit, were some of the first into the building for search and rescue operations and, then, what would be several weeks of recovery efforts following the attack on September 11.

 On September 23, after 12 days of rescue and recovery efforts nearly around the clock, I separated from the Army and returned home to New Hampshire to attend college; I easily isolated and insulated myself from having to process the event. So I never did. Returning 17 years later triggered me, and I was quickly diagnosed with PTSD afterwards. To have a plan for the day and to bring some good out of this endeavor, I have reached out to a local veterans’ program that is fighting PTSD and veteran suicide through the use of adrenaline therapy, and they were more than happy to accept all proceeds.


Which Non-Profit?!

Windy Warrior - their Mission statement taken from their website at is,

“To reinvigorate veterans and introduce life-changing behaviors to alleviate tendencies that lead to continued PTSD and suicide ideations through the use of Adrenaline Therapy as introduced through the sport of skydiving.” 

I’m asking for any support you may feel like offering. A kind word, a donation to this or another Veteran or PTSD/suicide awareness cause, and/or support on the day of the ride are all welcome and humbly requested.


Donations can be made through or on my Facebook 

If you have any questions or would like to offer any support please feel free to reach out via my email